Biohazard Bag

Made of PE or LDPE material, offered range of Biohazard Bags have maximum 150 mic thickness. These Eco-friendly bags have ROHS or FDA certification. Excellent sealing strength, gravure printed surface and recyclable nature are their main aspects.

Face Mask
Wear a face mask to cover your mouth and nose, the two areas from where COVID-19 infection can enter the respiratory system. Our company supplies two types of face masks, which can be worn by healthcare professionals, and general public. 
Shoe Cover

Made of PP and non woven fabrics, offered Shoe Covers are useful to avoid entrance of dust particles and other contaminants  inside hospitals, clinics, clean rooms, laboratories etc. These disposable products are recyclable and cost effective.

Safety Goggle

Made of polycarbonate, offered Safety Goggles are known for their optimum durability, reasonable price, high light transmission rate and scratch proof surface. These eye protection accessories are dust and moisture proof.

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